sofia_001.jpgWhen I first came onto Second Life I noticed there was a need for low prim attractive furniture. From a tiny store on my first land, the store grew to a 3 level showroom. . Im sorry to say that I have just now downsized due to economic circumstances.  I still stock everything you need to set up a your home or castle on Second Life. Castle and medieval styles, southwestern, modern and sculptie prim items.  You just need to IM me if you cant see any items on the floor or in the rezzer.  You will also find a range of homes and buildings. Not to mention, some flexiprim dresses. The creative side of SL, is what keeps me interested.

Second Life has changed so much in recent times, but there is still a need for low prim items.  Times haven’t changed the prim count, so we all need to be aware and keep a lookout for quality low prim furniture and buildings.  Come on by, have a browse and say hello.